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"Canelo" Alvarez is next big Mexican boxer!


In the history of great Mexican fighters, Saul Alvarez is the next big one!

Mexico has produced a rich history as world-class boxers. Names like Julio Chavez, Juan Manuel Marquez and Oscar de la Hoya are a few who delivered boxing's most exciting fights.

Last Saturday night, its legacy saw a huge night for the boxing world, especially Mexican fans. And you couldn't ask for a more perfect timing. As we all know, the highly anticipated match between Mayweather and Pacquiao was a let down. Many fight fans felt ripped off, pissed, and losing hope in the sport.

That was until the Canelo Alvarez vs. James Kirkland fight.  And it was free to watch on HBO.



This fight rocked!

Both boxers were known as brawlers and were expected to bring a good match. As a matter of fact, Kirkland is known as "Mini Tyson".

But no one anticipated such an exciting night. This fight immediately started with fireworks.

James Kirkland proved his brawling reputation with attacking punches, pushing "Canelo" against the ropes for first minute. For awhile, it looked like Canelo was going to have a tough competiton.

But Canelo quickly responded back, with whopping blows to Kirkland's body, and head. The first round was an awesome exchange of raw punching, and then Canelo knocked him down.

The second and third rounds saw Canelo continuing to punish Kirkland with Mexican-style body punches, (like Julio Chavez) and his famous upper cuts. Many wondered how Kirkland can take so much hits.

By the third round, Canelo knocked out "Mini Tyson" 3 times. At only 24 years old, he definitely looks like the next Mexican hope!





Connect with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez:

Website: http://caneloalvarez.com

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