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Sean Penn Doesn't Care What Latinos Think

BEVERLEY HILLS. Calif. Dawn Page was at Sean Penn’s promotional tour for his new film "The Gunman" Saturday, March 7th in Beverly Hills. Penn opened up about the green card joke heard 'round the world'.

Among other choice words, what Sean Penn had to say was, “I don’t give a f*ck about all this." Sean Penn had 'No Apologies' for his green card joke.

Although Sean may not have meant to cause harm to a large swath of the population, he certainly hit a raw nerve. The fact that Latinos are woefully under-represented in Hollywood (many say discriminated against - Chris Rock called it a Mexican Slave State) and with the immigration debate raging on, you'd think Sean would be sensitive to the current climate where he earns his living.

Sean Penn is no stranger to controversy and abuse.


Penn was extremely violent toward his ex-wife Madonna when the two were married in the 1980s. Once, in June 1987, he allegedly caused the pop superstar to be hospitalized after hitting her across the head with a baseball bat.


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